欢迎您 这里是迈阿密华人基督福音教会的网站,我们希望这个网页能够鼓励和帮助你


     这个网页的内容希望可以在您跟随上帝的人生道路上帮助和鼓励您。我们兴建的教堂座落于迈阿密肯德尔地区的中心地带, 我们的 使命是为了上帝天国的事工去寻找失丧的人并建立、陶造和成全圣徒,特别是面对以迈阿密地区为主的海外华人群体




Thank you for visiting www.ccgc-miami.org, the website of The Chinese Christian Gospel Church in Miami.

The information contained within this site was designed to be both encouraging and helpful to you. Because our church's mission statement is "reaching the lost and equipping the saints, in particular overseas Chinese in Miami and so on for the Work of God's Kingdom" we wanted to provide content that is relevant to our members and our visitors. Therefore, within the site you will find pages detailing our church's history and beliefs, staff contact data, and upcoming event information. Interspersed
with these items are links to sermons, devotions, and information on how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you for visiting at The Chinese Christian Gospel Church.God Bless you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                   宫景耀 牧师
Rev. Daniel Gong













Weekly Meeting Schedule
Sunday Worship
            10:00 AM
10200 SW 107th Ave., Miami, Florida 33176

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